Green Kenyan Makwa PB from Chania coffee beans (FW)

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The Green Kenyan Makwa delivers body (or heavy mouthfeel) sweetness and fruit. A Peaberry grade fully washed sundried coffee from the Makwa estate.



We sourced the Green Kenyan Makwa PB from Bespoke coffee.

Kenya and Coffee

There two important facts about coffee with regards to Kenya.

  1. First, the French and then the British planted coffee there. Starting with coffees that had left the continent, and via the Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese and after much botatnical intervention had come back to Africa.
  2. Scott Labs started there. The Scott Labs are now famous for the varieties of Arabica they created, and continue to create.

With only just over 120 years of coffee growing history, many coffee people sing the praises of coffees from Kenya.

Kenyan Makwa

The Makwa Coffee Estate is nestled amongst many macadamia nut plantations and produces on average 120 tons of coffee each year. Since the current ownership took over the farm int he 1970s, they have taken a proactive approach to reduce the impact of climate change. By planting indigenous shade trees, this coffee benefits from slower cherry maturation rates – helping contribute to sweetness and body in the cup.

Region Chania, Thika District, Kenya
Estate Makwa
Owner Mwahota Ikai Co. LTD – MAKWA
Harvest 2018
Altitude 1500 masl
Cultivar Arabica SL-28, SL-34 – peaberry
Processing Fully washed, dried on raised beds.
Packaging Grain Pro with Hessian
Characteristics Fruity and sweet with a medium-full body.,
Cupping Score 84.5

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1kg Packet, 2kg Packet, 500g Packet, 750g Packet

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2. Medium bodied

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