Green Coffee – Heza CoE, Burundi

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Green Bean Heza CoE, Burundi (Zéphirin Bucumi) – sourced via Quaffee. A coffee with stone fruit and apple and good body. Coffee ranked third in 2015 Burundi CoE.

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From Long Miles Coffee Project  Green Coffee – Heza CoE, Burundi sourced from direct via Specialty Coffee Exchange.

Long Miles Project Burundi

Ben and Kristy Carlson originally went to Burundi to assist a large multinational source Burundi coffee. Since Ben felt that Burundi coffee was the Cinderella of coffee, he was moved to make a difference on the ground level. Consequently after discussing it and blogging about it they returned to Burundi and started building their first washing station. With no plans and just using their experience the washing station was complete within month and they were ready to start. Working with local Burundi families and rewarding them for quality they paid a premium for the Burundi coffee 45% higher than the local government washing stations.

Subsequently in 2015 they added a second washing station. Drawing on heavily on their experiences they had gained from building Bukeye (the first washing station). Calling it  Heza, the new washing station sits in between a number of hills. For one thing it is close to the small holders. Consequently these farmers all bring their coffee cherry for sorting, and assessment. From these lots, two where submitted to the Cup of Excellence and two of them came in the top 10.

Zéphirin Bucumi

As a manager at the Heza washing station Zéphirin is responsible for sorting the lots of coffees that come from the hills that surround the Heza washing station. Including coffee from the hills of Gitwe, Mikuba, Nkonge, Mutana and Gishubi. Zéphirin identified coffees to be selected and submitted to 2015’s Burundi Cup of Excellence (CoE). As a result of this focus on quality that the coffee came third in the competition.

Incidentally read more about the winning lot on the Cup of Excellence (CoE) website here…

Geen Bean Heza CoE, Burundi

We are very fortunate to have this coffee, since the bulk of the cup of excellence (CoE) lot was sold to Japan. A coffee that is rich with apple and raspberry flavours.

Location: Gitwe Hill, Matongo Commune, Kayanza Province, Burundi
Processing: Heza has two springs which channel rain forest water down the hills to the station. This water is used for the pulping, fermentation and rinsing of the coffee. From there the coffee is placed on 120 tables raised beds that range in length and level. As a result of this design drying times are regulated. Finally parchment is removed from the drying tables when internal moisture reaches an optimal level of 11.5%. Commitment to the perfect moisture level means coffee spends 20-30 days slow-drying.
Pulper: Three Disk McKinnon
Varietal: 100% Arabica Bourbon.
Altitude grown: 1800-2050 meters above sea level (masl).
Type: Quality selected lot from 1876 farmers
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Sweet, Floral and Fruit aromatics and flavours.
Score acchieved: The coffee achieve a score of 89.32

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floral, fruit, sweet


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