Ecuadorian Grace Morales Flores Microlot (H) Caturra Arabica coffee

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A 100% Arabica Caturra honey processed microlot from Ecuador by Grace Morales from the farm Finca Cruz Loma. Raspberry fruit and brown sugar sweetness.

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This Ecuadorian Grace Morales Flores Microlot is a Honey Processed 100% Caturra Arabica sourced via Caravela.


Ecuador is a relative newcomer to coffee production. Coffee production is seen to have taken root in the 1920s, seen as a result of a ravaged cocoa crop. Producers started replacing their cocoa with coffee. A result was by 1985 they were producing 1.9 million bags for export.

Traditional Robusta was the primary coffee crop, but this has slowly changed. Now some really tasting coffees are showing promise. Geography and climate point to great potential of the specialty coffee production from Ecuador.

Program like Caravela’s PECA program are helping identify great coffees, that we are proud to offer to fellow coffee lovers.

Finca Cruz Loma

Fifty years ago, there were no streets or roads to Finca Cruz Loma (translates to cross on the hillock farm). People could only access the area walking or on horse. Two routes, that still exists today, crossed the summit and in doing so, formed a cross visible from far away. Grace’s grandfather used this cross as an inspiration for the name of the farm. Even when Grace’s father took over, there were still no suitable roads for transporting heavy goods. He wanted to mechanise various processes on his land, but had no way to transport machines of the size he required. He began to study mechanics and eventual had the machinery brought up in small pieces. Once all the pieces were there, he assembled on the farm. Because of his dedication, this farm was the first in the region to have some mechanised processes.

Finca Cruz Loma is surrounded by virgin jungle, home to numerous species which can be seen as you wonder across the land. Coffee is one of many crops grown on the farm.  Finca Cruz Loma is 350 hectares in total, with coffee making up less than 2%. The farm also produces many other fruits and vegetables for sale and export. It is a special place for the entire extended family, who used it as a hub for get-togethers and holidays.

Today, on the farm, Grace carries out natural, honey and washed processes. For Grace, processing her coffee in different ways is important, as it allows her to offer profiles for various tastes. She is passionate about high-quality food products and wants to offer something exceptional. Grace works mainly with her brother, but as it is a family farm, everyone comes together to help when needed. Grace and Bryan are new to coffee production, having planted their trees only three years ago. While they are new to coffee, they are already producing some quality lots.

What is a Caravela Microlot

For a coffee to be classed as a microlot from Caravela, there are a few requirements:

  • It must be from a section of the farm that follows all year-round protocols to the letter (as specified by Caravela)
  • It was be processed as a single lot:
    • Picking
    • Sorting
    • Seed extraction process
    • Drying
  • It must have less than 2 minor defects and no major defects
  • It must cup above 87

If a coffee qualifies, then the full bonus above traditional specialty grade is rewarded to the producer.

Grace Morales Flores Microlot

This lot is one of the first microlots that Grace has produced from the farm. She has worked closely with the Caravela PECA program and has produced an exceptional lot.

Region: San José de Mina, Pichincha, Ecuador
Producers: Grace Morales Flores from Finca Cruz Loma
Processing: Honey process coffee, with regular agitation.
Dried on covered raised patios for 12-15 days.
Cultivar: Arabica Caturra
Altitude grown: 1,450 meters above sea level – coffee shade grown.
Characteristics: 5-star complexity with berry fruit, intense sweetness and medium-full body. In espresso, there was a cocoa after-taste.
Roast: Medium charge with a moderate soak. Followed by medium heat into browning. Heat is then controlled to allow for a minute (or 9.5%)  development time from first crack.
Starting brews:
Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.3 (28sec) AeroPress 15.5g:180g
Plunger 24g:400g Pour over/filter 20g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced from Caravela coffee
FOB price U$D 7.1 per pound (logistics cost R23.69/kg)
Cupping score 86.25
Producer / Organisation Grace Morales Flores, Finca Cruz Loma
lot size bought 2 x 35kg Caravela, Ecuador vacuum packs
Relationship This is our first coffee from this producer.
Caravela’s tasting notes:

Tropical, sweet, nectarine, citrus acidity, passion fruit, strawberry finish, clean. 86.25


  • The World Atlas of Coffee – James Hoffman
  • Caravels origin and tasting notes.

Additional information

Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, sweet

Coffee region



5 ★ Limited








1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet

1 review for Ecuadorian Grace Morales Flores Microlot (H) Caturra Arabica coffee

  1. John Williams

    Wow, this coffee blew my socks off. I was watching TV with my daughter, when my wife brought me a cup of coffee. The fruitiness and sweetness made me sit up and ask my wife if she had made the one in the Quaffee Box. When a coffee makes me sit up and notice I know it is a winner.

    • Warren Machanik

      Feedback like this restores our faith in what we are trying to do. Thanks for the feedback, we love this coffee too.

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