Bunna (an African specialty coffee only blend) freshly roasted to order

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The Bunna blend is made up of all pure 4 star quality shade grown Arabica from African coffees. The coffee is balanced and gentle on the taste buds, with good complexity and is quite morish, and medium bodied. This is a 4 star flavour complexity blend.

Available for collection at Buitenverwachting in Constantia, or delivery throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg and throughout South Africa.


The Bunna Blend is our specialty coffee blend of African coffees we love.

Bunna Blend

Like all our pure Arabica coffee, the coffees that make up Bunna are roasted to order at our roastery by hand and experience.

It is called Bunna, since coffee is called Bunna in Ethiopia, where it is believed coffee was first consumed. Since Aramaic is the language they speak there it is often spelt Buna or Bunna, we thought the “nn” had a nicer sound.

Some details on Bunna

Coffee has been enjoyed but man for over 1,000 years, since probably being discovered in the forests of Kaffa in Ethiopia. Thereafter it spread to the Yemen and finally to plantations in India in the 1600’s. From the 1600’s coffee spread throughout the world, being planted wherever man could find land that would allow the coffee tree to bear fruit. The coffee tree produces sugar in the cherry and bean when it is growing between 18 and 22 degrees C.

Bunna blend is made from coffees sourced from the original forests of Ethiopia and the highlands of Ethiopia as a base. We then select two other 4 star coffees from Africa. Typically, this is a combination of a coffee from either Rwanda or Burundi (and where possible from the Long mile coffee project) and normally one from Kenya (or Tanzania).

Bunna is Quaffee’s blend that we create to match an all day drinking style. As much as it is based on a collection of our African specialty grade coffees .

The blend changes as the season and availability of coffee change. Feedback on this blend is what has moulded it. This is a coffee that is made in honour of the growers and for those that love drinking coffee.

Our Brews

Brew MethodRatioBrew MethodRatio
Plunger47g:600gPour over/filter17.5g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced fromVaries on the season
FOB priceListed in each component
Cupping scoreTypically, between 83-86.
Other InformationThis is a blend of the specialty coffees we currently from East Africa that score above 83. Typically, it is 40-60 Ethiopian 20-30% Kenyan and then either 15-30% Burundi or Rwanda, depending on what is part of our East African offering.

Additional information

Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


4 ★ Blend




floral, fruit, sweet




Blend, Bunna

Coffee region



1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet


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