BrewTool tamper for 58mm espresso machines

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BrewTool 58mm tamper for espresso preparation. Fits all portafilters with a width of 58mm. Stainless Steel and Black available.

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The BrewTool tamper is perfect for most espresso machines with a 58mm portafilter. Weighing around 500g it makes level tamping an ease. Make your espresso tamping consistent and reproducible.

We stock the Stainless steel version, however there are other colours available on request.

BrewTool tamper use

While there are many Baristas that have various theories on how best to use a tamper we recommend you use the tamper as below:

  1. Dose the coffee into the espresso machine portafilter basket.
  2. Gently knock the side of the portafilter head, so the grinds settle relatively flat.
  3. Place head on counter, or BrewTool tamping mat.
  4. Holding the tamper like a torch (with fingers on each side of the tamper, and the handle in the palm) gently press the grinds down slowly, making sure the tamper base is always at a perfect 180° angle.
  5. Press down;
  6. Gently spin the tamper, and remove making sure not to upset the bed of coffee.
  7. Check the level visually.
  8. Wipe any residual coffee of the top of the filter basket or head (especially the ears).
  9. Insert into the espresso machine and pull espresso


  • Use the tamper to knock the side of the head;
  • Drop the tamper;
  • Use the tamper when wet (results will be undesirable).

Espresso Recipes with Barista Hustle

Really get under the hood of you espresso. Watch this video prepared by Barista Hustle. You need to have a good grasp of:

  • Dose – amount of coffee in
  • Yield – amount of coffee beverage in the final cup
  • Time – How long it take produce the final cup. This indicates the amount of coffee dosed, and the setting of the grinder coarseness. So it is the final tick in the equation.

In the end it is the taste of the final product that determines whether the Dose, Yield and time equation is working.

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Silver, Black


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