Brewista smart coffee scale II

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The multimode scale with 0.1 grame precision. The Brewista scale is water resistant and updates quickly, making it the perfect brewing companion.

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The Brewista smart coffee scale includes a timer, accurate gram measurement and six modes of operation. Henceforth allowing you to get precise results from whichever preparation method you prefer. Now the Brewista scale has been updated to have a rubber mat for portafilters, and more importantly a rechargeable battery. It is called the Brewista II.


Any coffee recipe is made up of the following:

  • The Dose of coffee used
  • The Yield of water out (or amount used to brew for pour over)
  • The Time it takes to make the brew

With the Brewista you can monitor it all. Weigh the coffee dose, then the time can time the preparation and the scale responds quick enough for you to control the yield with precision. Use the modes below to get the consistency in your coffee brewing.

List of modes

The scale is designed for both espresso brewing and calibration and manual pour over. To that end there are 4 espresso modes and 2 pour over modes:

  • For espresso:
    • Auto 1: Auto tare and timer when item placed on it;
    • Auto 2: Auto tare and manual timer (start yourself);
    • Auto 3: Auto tare only;
    • Auto 4: Auto tare and timer when liquid hits cup.
  • for pour over:
    • Hand 1: Auto tare for vessel, auto tare for coffee, auto timer for water;
    • Hand 2: Full manual control of tare and timer.

Although we prefer the pour over is manual hand brew (H2) mode it is great to have options. Be that as it may hand 2 mode gives you complete control of when you want to tare your weight start your timer.

Brewista Tutorial video


  • Water resistant nano coating.
  • Rubber mat
  • 2000 gram capacity.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 grams.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Auto off setting.
  • Mode indicator.

Brewista smart coffee scale II manual

While the scale is relatively easy to understand, reading it helps. So here it is read the manual…. Or read the quick start guide here…

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smart coffee scale II


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