Quaffee Newsletter Sept 2021 – Behmor, News and FOMO

Behmor roaster and brewer here, coffee price news, more…

coffee prices

Coffee Futures 2021 – a reality check?

Consumers need to see coffee as the luxury it is, and think of those in the chain.

Quaffee Newsletter July 2021

Quaffee Newsletter July 2021 – ASITD, News and POPIA

Covered in this newsletter:
A Shot in the Dark,
Current news at Quaffee,
Vineyard roastery update,
Coffee Update and

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Introduction Grab a cup and have a seat (you’ll need about 15 minutes to read it all). Or just read the summary. In this issue: Some good news for coffee Cascara NewRead More…


Repost: Climate change threatens coffee – but we’ve found a delicious wild species that could help save your morning brew

Author Aaron P DavisSenior Research Leader, Plant Resources, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Original article: https://theconversation.com/climate-change-threatens-coffee-but-weve-found-a-delicious-wild-species-that-could-help-save-your-morning-brew-159105 The world loves coffee. More precisely, it loves arabica coffee. From the smell of its freshly groundRead More…

Quaffee Newsletter Feb 2021

Quaffee Newsletter Feb 2021 – anticipated coffees, delivery on Thurs suspended, referral

Our Feb 20201 newsletter introduces several new coffees to come and adds a little news.

Quaffee November 2020 Menu Map

Quaffee Newsletter Nov 2020 (reflections, updates and closure dates)

Reflecting (on our fortune this year, on our subscription offering, on our Intro course to brew methodologies). Buiten roastery updates (New face, New crop). Vineyard roastery updates (Intro to roasting, Tastings). 2020 closure dates.

Coffee Processing

Coffee Processing Methods

Wet or wash, natural, honey or wet hulled coffee processing – summaries of each

Ratio and Intro to Dose

Brew variables series – Talk 3: Ratio and Intro to Dose

The video Introduction We continuing going into the understanding of the variables and terminology around brewing This is a guide for you to create you own recipes, it is not a prescribedRead More…


Brew variables series – Talk 1 & 2: Extraction and ABCD

A summary of Talk 1 and 2 of the video series discusing coffee brew variables