Quaffee Newsletter June 2022

Quaffee Newsletter June 2022 – Gesha Village, new coffees and equipment update

News of the coffees that are here or coming. A secret coffee on the horizon and some equipment recommendations.

Quaffee newsletter April 2022

Quaffee Newsletter April 2022

Introduction If you are a regular of this newsletter, you will know that we only send it out when there is news. More specifically, when there is news that is more thanRead More…

Mpenjati coffee farm Visit April 2022 Thumb

Mpenjati coffee farm visit March 2022

A report back on our visit to Mpenjati coffee farm on the South Cost of South Africa

Quaffee Newsletter Jan 2022

Quaffee Newsletter Jan 2022 – Price increase, vineyard reopening and new coffees

Price increases detailed, Vineyard Roastery reopening and all the new coffees we are offering.

Quaffee Prices increase

Price increase of budget blends

Market forces and the rand weakness mean that our prices for our budget blends have to increase sooner than we had hoped.

Quaffee Festive News Nov 2021 Web

Quaffee Newsletter Nov 2021 – coffees, closing date & Vineyard

Intro A short and sweet update, with: Coffees: A festive blend A new long miles coffee project coffee Our closing dates for 2021 An update on the Vineyard Coffees Festive Blend InsteadRead More…

Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee

Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee

Intro A short update about three coffees, so no mind map. 1.      Mpenjati South Africa After over a decade, we have finally found a South African coffee we can offer to all.Read More…


Quaffee Newsletter Sept 2021 – Behmor, News and FOMO

Behmor roaster and brewer here, coffee price news, more…

coffee prices

Coffee Futures 2021 – a reality check?

Consumers need to see coffee as the luxury it is, and think of those in the chain.

Quaffee Newsletter July 2021

Quaffee Newsletter July 2021 – ASITD, News and POPIA

Covered in this newsletter:
A Shot in the Dark,
Current news at Quaffee,
Vineyard roastery update,
Coffee Update and

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Quaffee Newsletter April 2021

Introduction Grab a cup and have a seat (you’ll need about 15 minutes to read it all). Or just read the summary. In this issue: Some good news for coffee Cascara NewRead More…