• Gishubi, Burundi (Natural)

    Gishubi, Burundi (Natural) peaberry coffee beans

    R460.00 incl. VAT per kg

    A naturally processed coffee from Burundi courtesy of Long Miles Coffee Project and Gishubi hill from the Heza washing station. Good complexity with pomegranate flavours and molasses aftertaste (2016/2017 crop)

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  • Mikuba, Burundi

    Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey) coffee – roasted at The Vineyard Hotel

    R420.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey) red-honey processed coffee. Complex medium-bodied coffee with sweet blueberry and pecan notes. Roasted exclusively at the Vineyard Hotel.

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  • Micosta, Burundi

    Micosta, Burundi (washed Arabica)

    R380.00 incl. VAT per kg

    Micosta, Burundi (washed Arabica). A sweet and juicy washed pure Arabica bourbon and jackson coffee from Northwest Burundi.

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