Any real espresso makers

  • San Remo SR70 on-demand Burr Grinder

    San Remo SR70 on-demand burr grinder

    R14,900.00 incl. VAT

    The San Remo SR70 is an efficient professional on-demand coffee grinder designed to handle medium-large workloads. Suitable for a small café

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  • ranciliosilviaversion31

    Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

    R9,995.00 incl. VAT

    If you are the kind of person that loves tinkering, and loves espresso or cappuccino made to a high standard then this is the range of machine and grinder you should consider.

    The Rancilio range has been recognised by Home Baristas as a great choice. The powerful boiler and the commercial size head make it produce a high quality espresso. The espresso machine is nicknamed Ms Silvia, and is a solid unit that is built using high-quality durable stainless steel. Add to that the doserless grinder and with fresh roasted decent coffee, you can have the coffee experience you want is in your control.

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  • Rancilio Rocky SD burr grinder

    Rancilio Rocky SD burr grinder

    R4,950.00 incl. VAT

    The Rancilio Rocky SD burr grinder a 50mm tempered steel grinder, designed for use with the Rancilio Silvia. Also can be used for pour over.

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  • Brewista smart coffee scale II

    Brewista smart coffee scale II

    R1,899.00 incl. VAT

    The multimode scale with 0.1 grame precision. The Brewista scale is water resistant and updates quickly, making it the perfect brewing companion.

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  • BewTool 58mm tamper

    BrewTool 58mm tamper for espresso

    R640.00 incl. VAT

    Brew Tool S/S Steel 58mm tamper

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  • BrewTool Milk jug 600ml

    BrewTool milk jug 600ml (for frothing or serving milk)

    R279.00 incl. VAT

    The BrewTool 600ml S/Steel milk jug is suitable for use to produce enough milk for 2 standard size cappuccinos.

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