Nekisse, Ninety Plus (Ethiopia – Natural) – roasted only on tuesdays

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Nekisse, Ninety Plus a natural coffee with a specific profile identified as cupping 90 or higher. Generally from the Wellega and Sidama, Ethiopia

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Nekisse, Ninety Plus; origin Ethiopia; naturally processed sourced direct.

Ninety Plus

In an industry that has many hands involved in its product, Ninety Plus stands out. One of the few coffee producer that control everything from seed to tree to cherry to processing and shipment to roasters.

This allows them to control all the processes precisely, and the result is award winning coffees.

Silver Style Simple Map of Sidama

The second coffee we offered from ninety plus has the same heritage of Kemgin.

Levels and Processing

Besides the taste profiles, all Ninety Plus coffees are rated on the method of processing and their scarcity. The least scarce for the year is a Level 7 the scarcest is a level 95. The Level 95 coffees are very scarce and are normally sold out very quickly and they sell for over $650 per kilogram. The Level 7 and 12 are still excellent coffees and represent an opportunity to access the ninety plus seed to vacuum pack green.

Nekisse Taste Profile

From the ninety plus site: “Originally named as ‘Nectar from Shakisso’ in 2009, the Nekisse profile is defined by creamy mouthfeel and heavy berry jam flavor, but layers of citrus and many tropical fruits can be present in some selections. Originally from Shakisso, subsequent Nekisse coffees have been developed in Wellega and Sidama.”

The taste profile that the ninety plus people are looking for in the coffee is cherry and berry dominant. To us what is impressive is how morish the coffee is. See if you can find flavours like berries, cherries, peppermint, dried fruit and even dark chocolate in your brew.

Details of the coffee:

Region: Wellega and Sidama Province Ethiopia
Processing: Natrual: coffee is dried on raised beds, with precise control on tossing the coffee until the desired moisture level is achieved within a specific time span.
Cultivar: 100% Arabica Heirloom.
Altitude grown: 1800-2050 meters above sea level (masl).
Type: Small region taste profile selected coffee.
Intensity/Prime Attribute: berries – see what you can find.
Roast used: To promote the berry we introduce heat early powering the turn then easing off slightly so that when fully brown we can rush into first crack to control the roast through that until we drop it after 30 seconds into first crack.

Additional information

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floral, fruit, sweet


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Ninety Plus, Quaffee




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