Juan Pablo Guerra, Guatemala (Santa Teresita Farm)

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Juan Pablo Guerra, Guatemala from Finca Santa Teresita from Chiquimula. A washed coffee that is honey sweetness, fruit and coca notes.

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Juan Pablo Guerra, Guatemala from Santa Teresita Farm source via Caravela.


Guatemala attracted a large influx of European (especially German) immigrants at the end of the 1800’s. In fact the Diedrich family was such a family. As a result of which one generation ended up moving to the USA to sell coffee. Furthermore Stephen Diedrich the son of this immigrant ended up inventing his own coffee roaster – who roaster we use at our locations.

Guatemala is a country that has rich volcanic and very fertile soils. While originally bananas were popular, coffee has always been a player in the region. Probably the most famous coffee area in Guatemala is around the city of Antigua. Moreover this area is considered a trademark area in coffee, and it has its own association the APAC, from whom we have sourced coffee before.

Perhaps with the except for Huehuetenego, other coffee areas of Guatemala remain a little under represented. For this reason we have been looking a Guatemalan coffee that stood out a little. Consequently this is how we found Juan Pablo’s coffee, thanks to Caravela’s new presence in Guatemala.

Finca Santa Teresita History

Finca Santa Teresita is a small part of Valle Escol, one of the small farms located throughout the Cordillera el Merendón in the eastern part of Guatemala. As a matter of fact this area has become very well known for producing specialty coffees. Valle Escol was founded in 2011. With a vision of transcending on the production of specialty coffee and meet the high quality standards required by coffee consumers all over the world.

As the owner of Santa Teresita, Juan Pablo Guerra, is always trying to give his coffee the best agronomic management and processing and drying methods in order to obtain a high quality cup. Juan Pablo has won many recognition for his amazing coffees and his extraordinary work.

Juan Pablo Guerra, Guatemala

A coffee with good honey like sweetness, grapefruit acidity with caramel and chocolate notes.

Region: Finca Santa Teresita, Camotán, Chiquimula, Guatemala.
Total Farm Area: 8 Hectares.
Harvest: Main crop: December – April (2016).
Processing: 40% of the production if fully washed. Rest sold as cherry.
Drying: Raised African beds.
Shade: Banana, Cedro, Laurel, and Cipres.
Preparation: SHB EP (Screen 15+), SCAA Specialty Grade.
Cultivars: Arabica Catuai, Pacamara, Anacaf14
Characteristics: Honey like sweetness with grapefruit acidity with caramel and chocolate notes.

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Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


cocoa, fruit, sweet


4 ★ Single




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