Green Coffee – Quebradón, Colombia (Palestina, Huila)

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Green Coffee – Quebradón, Colombia (Palestina, Huila). A washed pure Arabica coffee known for its sweet spice and medium body. We get this coffee fresh from each crop.

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Green Coffee – Quebradón, Colombia as washed coffee source direct from Caravela.

Colombia and Caravela

To say we at Quaffee love Colombian coffee is an understatement. Our love affair is thanks to our relationship with Caravela, who are one of the original founders of relationship coffee. Their relationships with caficultores (coffee growers) in Colombia is at ground level, with each grower.
Palestina, Colombia

As a result of these relationships is what has driven the quality in coffee from Colombia. Caravela have concentrated their efforts in the highlands of the Colombian Andes. Working with each caficultor is driving their quality up.Consequently rewarding each caficultor with financial rewards keeps them motivated to improve with every crop.

Since 2011 Caravela has introduced their PECA program. PECA identifies sons and daughters of caficultores who showed an interested in learning how to improve coffee quality by controlling how coffee is grown, picked, sorted and dried. Besides these processing areas, each member is taught how to roast and cup coffee. Because feedback is provide to their and other families quality has continually improved. As a result income as improved as coffee is a main source of income.

Quebradón, Palestina, Colombia

Green Coffee – Quebradón, Colombia

In 1860, Lorenzo Cuellar founded Hacienda El Quebradón. Consequently later inherited by the Cuellar family, it was mostly sold off to settlers who arrived in the region. Thereafter what was originally El Quebradón become the municipality of Palestina. Initially it was a rubber trading hub, now there are two coffee growers that work with Caravela.

Quebradón is the quality coffee produced in the region. Probably its most known for a distinct butterscotch-like flavour.

Region: Quebradón AA, Palestina, Huila, Colombia
Producers: 20 small scale coffee growers
Ave Farm size: 1 hectare
Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on parabolic driers at each producer.
Species/Varietal: Arabica (Caturra – 40%, Colombia, Typica, Castillo)
Altitude grown: 1,650 – 1,850 masl (meters above sea level)
Shade: Semi shade
Packaging: 70kg GrainPro
Crop: 2015 – 2016 – We tasted this coffee in April, it landed in Cape Town end October 2016
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Butterscotch, brown spice and berry – hint of red apple.
Score / Rating: Caravela rate this AA which correlate with our score of between 85 and 87

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Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, spice, sweet


4 ★ Single



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  1. Warren Machanik

    We had to have this coffee again. After it stood out on the cupping table, we decided another Colombian can’t hurt. But we do have a few now.

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