Green Coffee – Londrino, Brazil (natural yellow Acacia)

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Green Coffee – Londrino, Brazil. Natural process Yellow Arabica Acaia Coffee, from Londrino, Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. A complex coffee with a dried fruit, nutty and with coca notes. This coffee is UTZ (organic) and Rainforest Alliance certified. 2016 Crop.

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Green Coffee – Londrino, Brazil (Yellow Acaia), source via Falcon Specialty and Expocaccer:

Expocaccer – Quality Coffee Cooperative

Brazil is not only are they the largest coffee producer in total, they are also the largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world. Producing a quality product in a country known for quantity is a challenge. Consequently a collection of Brazilian coffees farmers from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais took this challenge on, over 2 decades ago. As a result of this challenge the farmer run and controlled co-operative Expocaccer emerged.

Expocaccer work with sorters and graders of green coffee to identify high end lots of coffee. Once isolated their team of Q graders taste and score them. A coffee that scores 83 or higher on a SCAA form (83% or higher) is then identified as specialty grade. Feedback is provided to the farmer and any coffee that scores 83 or more they then pay the farmer 15% more.Their system is working well, and they are now one of the largest producers of specialty grade coffee in Brazil.

Londrino, Brazil

Pics from our Expocaccer visit:

Above we have added our album of pictures from our visit to Expocaccer in April 2016. We were very particularly impressed with them. In addition we visited their new production facility, which will be able to handle a million bags of coffee a year. What is more they are using cutting edge sorting and grading machinery. In addition we were very impressed with the Quality Control area. Equally impressive is they are fully committed to reporting back to the coffee farmer.

Fazenda Londrino

brazilpatosdeminasonmapFazenda Londrino is near Patos de Minas. One of four farms owned by the Niameg group. Established by Gerson Naimeg a son of a German settler and Brazilian mother, this is  a family run group.  In fact the Fazenda is 394 hectares in size, of which 200 hectares set aside for coffee. With over 20% of the land rain-forest certified habitat, add to that their social standards have given them their Rainforest alliance certification.

Their coffees have won awards in national espresso competitions for the good character in the cup.

Details of Londrino, Brazil:

Londrino, Brazil is a yellow Acaia Arabica that is naturally processed. In short the coffee is full bodied with good complexity with dried fruit and nut, and a hint of coca.

Region: Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm: Londrina
Processing: Natural, dried in sun on raised tables.
Cultivar: 100% Arabica: Acaia (Yellow).
Altitude: 1160 masl.
Harvest: July to September.
Bag type: Hessian with GrainPro.
Characteristics: Dried fruit, nuts and coca, with a bolder mouth feel.
Rating: We score the coffee between 83 and 85.
Roast to try: A high charge is used with the roast is accelerated into first crack where it is held of just over 2 minutes.

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Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


4 ★ Single




cocoa, nut


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