Quaffee Coffee Tasting Exerience

Our Coffee Tasting Experience allows small groups to experience what quality coffee is and why it stands out from. Coffee that exhibit flavours and aromas that tantalize the senses.

Book one of our coffee tasting experiences, hosted at Buitenverwachting wine farm in Constantia Cape Town, where our main coffee roastery is. We taste three coffee of distinct origins, and regions.

Coffee tasting experience options

See the options below for the current experiences.

  • General Tasting: Each coffee is brewed first in a delicate pour over method, then followed that with an intense espresso.
    Time: approx 30-40mins; Price: From R300 per group of min 2 people (includes a box of coffee beans)
  • Cupping: Here we invite you to experience tasting, the way coffee is evaluated by coffee graders. We include a fourth coffee as a surprise, and guide you through the process. We then try identify which coffee is what from the taste descriptors.
    Time: approx 30-40mins; Price: R250 p/p (includes a box of coffee beans)
  • Tasting with a brewing guide: We do the general tasting with a personal touch we explain the process of each brew. Let you brew your coffees under our guidance, and go through the basics of the selected brew type. We discussed the variables of each brew type, and taste the difference it makes.
    Time: approx 40-60mins; Price: R400 p/p (includes a box of coffee beans)
  • Total experience: This is an almost two hour experience, we start with the tasting experience, and then after pop over to the roastery to watch a roast and even guide you through your own.
    Time: approx 1.5 to 2 hours; Price: R500 p/p (includes a box of coffee beans)

Note: All experiences are done in group size 2 to 6. While we can try cater for larger groups this does depend on seasonal demand.

Quaffee Coffee Tasting Experience

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Coffee Tasting Experience

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