Muninya, Burundi (red honey)

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Muninya, Burundi (red honey): A red honey processed coffee from LMP Bukeye station. Good complexity with fruit flavours and coca aftertaste. (2016/2017 crop)

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Muninya, Burundi (red honey): sourced direct from the Long Miles Coffee Project Bukeye washing station via Specialty Coffee Exchange.

Long Miles Coffee Project

The Carlson family fell in love with Burundi during a visit. The long mile project channels their passion for coffee and belief that those involved in it should be rewarded appropriately. The mission of the project was to build a washing station allowing them to control the coffee quality while still rewarding the growers. Processing is well controlled and they have found a demand in the coffee market that has allowed the project to grow.

At Quaffee we have been talking to the people behind Long Mile Coffee Project since early 2013 after being introduced to Ben Carlson, via a customer.

Muninya, Burundi (red honey)

Muninya (Moon-Neen-Yah) lies just beyond the border of Bukeye province, approximately 4km from the Long Miles Bukeye washing station. The dirt road winding towards Muninya is cut into the side of mountains that drop into cinematic views of the valleys below. Coffee trees line the steady incline that leads to the tiny town center. The town itself is a single row of mud-brick buildings curving with the road that runs through it. It takes no longer than a couple of minutes to walk from the beginning of the town to its end. Beyond this, crops and houses are haphazardly splattered across steep Burundian hills. ‘Muninya’ is the name of an alien tree that once covered these hills which has now made way for subsistence farms and coffee.

Farmers from Muninya believe that coffee is a lifeline for their families, even though farming it is not always easy. Muninya is home to several farmers who own thousands of coffee trees – well above the Burundi average. Through coffee farming these farmers have been able to build houses, send their children to school and buy livestock. Up until 2015, Muninya coffee fetched fairly low prices. Once Long Miles Coffee Project built the Bukeye washing station, their reward for their coffee began to increase.

Innovation on Muninya Hill

The dream of Muninya farmers is to able to be involved in the production of coffee beyond just delivering it to the washing station. Setting up savings groups that can provide small loans for farmers is a high priority for Muninya in the coming years. They would also like to buy their own truck to transport their coffee to the washing station and in the future they hope to see a washing station on their own hill.

Red Honey

Red honey refers to the process that is used in taking the coffee from its red bourbon cherry to the final product of a raw coffee bean. With the red honey process the pulper is set to scrape the skin and a little of the pulp off.

The coffee is then dried in the sun on raised dried beds, where it is tossed and checked regularly (any bad quality coffee found here is removed here). Once the coffee in the pulp has achieved the desired moisture level it is then removed from the table and sent to the mill for polishing and final sorting.

Details of coffee:

Region: Muninya, Bukeye washing station, Kayanza province, Burundi
Drying: Coffee is depluped so only the skin is removed. Then it is dried on pulp; regularly hand tossed every until moisture is below 11.5% taking about 20-30 days.
Farmer/Lot: This lot is 11049 from Muninya, Bukeye. Crop 2016. From 735 farmers.
Altitude grown: 1880-1960 meters above sea level (masl).
Cultivar: Arabica: Bourbon heirloom
Taste Profile: A  complex coffee we found citrus and coca. Ben says it is berry, orange and apricot jam.
Roast used: Full flame after 30 seconds, continuing into final browning where the flame is reduced in to first crack to extend the development a little (not too much) when it is dropped a minute later.
Note: We are now offering 3 coffees from Long Miles Coffee Project, one at the Vineyard too.

Additional information

Coffee category

3. Full bodied


4 ★ Afrcn




cocoa, fruit, sweet






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