Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey) coffee – roasted at The Vineyard Hotel

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Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey) red-honey processed coffee. Complex medium-bodied coffee with sweet blueberry and pecan notes. Roasted exclusively at the Vineyard Hotel.

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Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey) – from Heza washing station – Mikuba Hill:


Burundian coffee origin lies with Belgian colonial rule. Farmers were coerced into growing at least 50 coffee trees on their plots of land. The industry liberalised after independence, but was taken over by the state in 1972.

Civil war in 1993 impacted production greatly, but efforts have been made since to increase yields and the quality of Burundi’s crop.

Privatisation of the coffee occurred in 2010. Since then Burundi has begun producing outstanding coffees. Some of which are now our pleasure to offer you, thanks to the Long Miles Coffee Project.

Long Miles Coffee Project

The Carlson family fell in love with Burundi on a visit. Developing a passion for Burundi coffee they felt compelled to help farmers improve their livelihoods. The Carlsons set about constructing a washing station to increase the quality and consequently, the selling price of the coffee. The Long Miles Coffee Project was born. Processing is carried out meticulously and with an enthusiastic reception from speciality coffee market. The Project has been going from strength to strength adding a second washing station in 2014.

Quaffee has been speaking to the Carlsons since early 2013, having been introduced by one of our customers.

Mikuba, Hill Coffee

Each of the coffees that Long Mile are involved in are sorted and graded per hill. Accordingly the lots that make the grade for a particular hill are separated and processed individually. The team decide on the process to use for the coffee and then that lot is handled separately from the others.

Mikuba, Burundi (Red Honey)

All the separate lots that are honey processed we have enjoyed from LMP. The red honey while still having significant body is not as heavy as the Nkonyane we had in 2016. This coffee is from the 2016/2017 Harvest.

Region: Mikuba hill, Kayanza province, Burundi – Heza washing station
Process: ‘Red Honey’ – meaning that beans have their a little of their skins removed, while the pulp is left intact. Pre-dried for 2 days. 22+ days on raised drying tables under partial shade. 5 dedicated hand sorters and lot care takers.
Farmer/Lot: 325 farmers Lot number 11045.
Altitude grown: 1950-2200 meters above sea level (masl).
Environment: 1600mm average rainfall, average annual temp 17.1°C
Crop: May-July 2017. Received in grainpro
Screen: 15+
Cultivar: Arabica: Red Bourbon
Taste Profile: A complex full-bodied coffee with black berry and a hint of pecan.
Roast used: Light city roast, dropped relatively early to highlight the fruitiness in the bean.
Note: This coffee is roasted exclusively at The Vineyard Quaffee Roastery.

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Coffee category

3. Full bodied


4 ★ Afrcn


Vineyard Hotel


fruit, nut, sweet






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