Micosta, Burundi (washed Arabica)

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Micosta, Burundi (washed Arabica). A sweet and juicy washed pure Arabica bourbon and jackson coffee from Northwest Burundi.

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Micosta, Burundi (washed Arabica) sourced via Bespoke / Schluter.


The civil war in 1993 affected Burundi coffee production negatively. Recent efforts have ensured that the coffee product and quality have increased. Investment in the industry has assisted this growth, since coffee and tea export represent 90% of the total foreign earnings. This has helped the majority of Burundi’s that rely on subsistence agriculture to survive.

Burundi Coffees

Until the early part of this decade, only Bourbon coffees where allowed to be grown in Burundi, now some sub-varieties of Bourbon exists, and this coffee has Jackson as a percentage of the total.

The geography and the dominance of Bourbon tend to ensure that a typical specialty grade coffees have complex berry and fruit flavours with juicy sweetness.


Burundi’s coffee washing/processing stations, of each region, are grouped together in Sociétés de Gestion des Stations de Lavage (SOGESTAL). A SOGESTAL  is a management organization for groups of assigned washing/processing stations. These units have been responsible for the development of quality in recent years by providing better infrastructure.

Since 2008 the methodology of blending coffees from all washing stations within each SOGESTAL has made way for more direct and traceable coffees. This combined with the initially the Burundi Prestige Cup and the the more established Cup of Excellence has promoted the separation of lots. The auctioning of the top lots has helped those producers interested in quality to received substantially better rewards. Furthermore promotion of the specialty grade coffees has filtered down through this lot separation.

Details of Micosta, Burundi:

This coffee is a 2016 crop. The taste profile for us is a sweet brown sugar almost molasses with orange type acidity.

Also apparent is an orange citrus like acidity.

Region: Kirundo-Muyinga (North east of Burundi, near Tanzanian border)
Farmers: Approximately 700 farmers that are part of the Kirundo-Muyinga SOGESTAL
Processing: Wet mill pulping with 3 disc Mackinnon. Coffee is double fermented (12-18 hours dry, 12-18 hours wet). Once washed and sorted placed on raised African beds for 2-3 weeks. The parchment is regularly tossed by hand until moisture level is 12%. Milled at the Ndava mill.
Altitude grown: Most farms are above the washing station, which is at 1625 masl.
Growing climate: Rainfall between 1200mm and 1400mm per year. Temperature 17-23°C. Soil Red-clay soils with good topsoil.
Cultivar: Arabica: Bourbon and Jackson (borbon sub-variety)
Taste Profile: We find this coffee much sweeter than other Burundi’s, although a hint molasses can be found.
Roast used: Medium charge long soak. Then a gently decreasing ramp rate until 2 minutes before first crack, where the rate is kept relatively flat until drop temp.

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2. Medium bodied


4 ★ Afrcn




fruit, sweet






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