Erapuca, Honduras (organic, RFA) coffee beans

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Finca Altos de Erapuca, Copan, Honduras an Organic and Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) pure Catuai Arabica, crop November 2015 to February 2016, grown 1,360 masl. A sweet medium bodied coffee that has butter and caramel notes with subtle orange brightness.

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Altos de Erapuca, Honduras, a specialty grade coffee sourced from Falcon Specialty

About Honduran coffee

As in most of Central America, coffee plays a crucial role in the Honduran economy. Having done so since its introduction in the 1800s. While it hasn’t always played on the centre stage of specialty coffee, this has changed dramatically in the last decade. Largely driven by individual farms that see the value of producing higher quality coffees and have begun to control the entire process – from planting to picking, processing, milling and packaging.

At Quaffee we’ve seen (and tasted) this first-hand and Honduras has become an origin from which we love to source.

Physical Map of Copan, darkenPhysical Map of Copan, area Erapuca comes from

The farm

Finca Altos de Erapuca, Honduras is located in the Department of Copán, on the slopes of Erapuca, Honduras’s second highest mountain. Two hundred and sixty four hectares are reserved for rainforest and 24 produce Catuai. The farm grows Catuai instead of the popular Catimor, which the neighbouring farms use.

Owner Carlos Efrain Paz Sevilla believes he must protect the land for future generations and runs the farm in compliance with organic production rules and methods. Finca Altos de Erapuca is both Rainforest Alliance and Organically certified.

Specially trained pickers ensure cherries are picked ripe. Washing, drying and milling take place down the mountain at a wet mill called Empresa Vecinos del Trigo. After drying, the beans go to the Santa Rosa Beneficio dry mill for parchment removal and a final defect removal (by hand or machine) before being packed in GrainPro bags.

Details of Erapuca, Honduras:

This is the third season we have had this coffee, and are proud to offer it again.

Region/farm: Finca Altos de Erapuca, Copan, Honduras
Processing: Wet-processed. Dried mechanically on a large patio drying beds.
Harvest Time: December 2016 – February 2017.
Owners: Carlos Efrain Paz Sevilla
Altitude: 1,360masl
Cultivar: 100% Arabica Catuai
Packaging: GrainPro.
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Fairly sweet; notes of oranges, butter and caramel. Medium-bodied.
Roast used: Gentle heat introduction with intense heat at the end through first crack. Dropped before second crack.
Certifications: Organic and Rain Forest Alliance (RFA)

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2. Medium bodied


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Erapuca, Organic, RFA


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