Bunna Blend
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Bunna Blend

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The Bunna blend is made up of all pure 4 star quality shade grown Arabica from African coffees. The coffee is balanced and gentle on the taste buds, with good complexity and is quite morish, and medium bodied. This is a 4 star flavour complexity blend.

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Bunna Blend

Like all our pure Arabica coffee, the coffees that make up Bunna are roasted to order at our roastery by hand and experience.

Some details on Bunna

Coffee has been enjoyed but man for over 1,000 years, since being discovered in the forests of Kaffa in Ethiopia, it spread to the Yemen and finally to plantations in India in the 1600’s. From the 1600’s coffee spread throughout the world, being planted wherever man could find land that would allow the coffee tree to bear fruit. From all over the world the best coffees are produced when grown in tropical highland forests.

Bunna blend is made from coffees sourced from the original forests of Ethiopia, the highlands of Ethiopia as a base. We then select two other 4 star coffees from Africa, normally a combination of a coffee from either Rwanda or Burundi and normally one from Kenya.

Bunna is Quaffee’s blend that we create to match a all day drinking style. As much as it is based on a collection of our African specialty grade coffees .

The blend changes as the seasons and availability of coffee change. Feed back on this blend is what has moulded it. This is a coffee that is made in honour of the growers for those that love drinking coffee.

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Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


4 ★ Blnd




floral, fruit, spice, sweet


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