Ratio and Intro to Dose

Brew variables series – Talk 3: Ratio and Intro to Dose

The video Introduction We continuing going into the understanding of the variables and terminology around brewing This is a guide for you to create you own recipes, it is not a prescribedRead More…


Brew variables series – Talk 1 & 2: Extraction and ABCD

A summary of Talk 1 and 2 of the video series discusing coffee brew variables

Qiuaffee Newsletter Aug 2020

Quaffee Newsletter Aug 2020 – Second in SITD, Transparency and decaf back

We came second in the roasters comp, new coffees for August 2020. Announcement of transparency information.


Quaffee Newsletter June 2020 – new coffees, coming coffees and a breakdown of logistics

Short and Sweet Summary For those who find slogging through our newsletters a drudgery, here’s an “elevator” mind map: In summary: New coffees: Kenyan Chesiro (PB) Washed Brazilian Cinco Estrelas Natural BurundianRead More…

21 Days from seed to cup

Coffee 21 Steps from Seed to Cup

Step 1: From Seed to Seedling Did you know that it takes 2 days to determine if a seed has a viable embryo? The seed is soaked for two days and thenRead More…

Quaffee Newsletter April 2020 – COVID-19 update – roasting, delivery and encouragement

Quaffee Newsletter April 2020 – COVID-19 update – roasting, delivery and encouragement

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are indeed living in interesting times. Elevator summary of the newsletter: For Cape Town – we will be delivered to different areas Monday, WednesdayRead More…

Frog Q with Covid-19 clearance

COVID-19 – Our response

We hope this communication finds you well. In times of a pandemic how else do you start? In January, we sent out a communication that discussed sustainability, and how it is aRead More…

Quaffee Prices 2020

Sustainability, perception and price increase 2020

Intro What follows is a one-sided explanation regarding our new pricing structure as from March 2020. Our first price increase in 23 months. It is a long read, so if you doRead More…

SCA Ep81

SCA Podcast #81; Science of Coffee Freshness; Samo Smrke

A lot to take in from this episode and though we should share it. Link to episode: for apple: podcasts.apple.com/za/podcast/specialty-coffee-association-podcast/id1264797608. General link: SCANews.coffee/podcast/81/the-science-of-coffee-freshness-samo-smrke-expo-lectures-2019/ Description of Episode: Coffee freshness is one of theRead More…

Newsletter December 2019

Quaffee Newsletter November 2019 – wet hulled, coffee sourcing, combos and closure dates

In this newsletter, we will carry on with our introduction into the coffee process by covering wet-hulling. We will also discuss our current issues with sourcing our quality coffees and will introduceRead More…

Videos On Coffee Processing

Videos on coffee processing

We found these some videos explaining the most common ways of processing coffee that Cafe Imports Published. We have added them below, and included ones from Has Bean and a bonus oneRead More…

Quaffee newsletter July 2019

Quaffee Newsletter July 2019 – honey process, Mzukisi visits KZN, new coffees and a coffee subscription

In this newsletter, we describe the honey process, summarise Mzukisi’s visit to Durban and mention a few coffees that have been released (and those that have ended). Plus, a new service offering.Read More…