Las Mingas, Colombia (microlot)

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Las Mingas, Colombia (microlot) from Cauca. A medium bodied coffee. While nutty it still has some complex sweetness to it.

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Las Mingas, Colombia (microlot), sourced direct from Caravela.


Colombia is the northernmost country of the South American continent. It is the country where the Andes gives way to plains in the North. In fact it is the only South American country that has two distinct coasts. In the North the Gulf of Mexico, and the West the Pacific.

Identified as one of the countries that hosts a source of the Amazon, the Southern part of the country is a protected area.

A country with a very diverse geography, like Ethiopia and so coffees from this country are diverse offering different cup profiles. Which is why we love the coffees from this country so much.


We have had a great relationship with Caravela (was Virmax) since 2008. A company dedicated to relationship coffee who only sell direct from farmer to roaster For this reason the farmer reaps maximum rewards for their work.

Caravela work on the ground with the farmers to ensure their production is of the highest quality. There is always a market for coffee in Colombia. However the market for quality coffee has been growing, and farmers are able to demand 300% and more premiums on their coffees. Caravela’s minimum payment is 300% the market rate, and then any microlot are paid addition premiums.


We saw first hand the Quality Control process that Caravela perform on the coffees. Read more about it in our post about their process here: Caravela QC Process. Important to realize is that for a coffee to be named a microlot from Caravela it has produced a remarkable cup at the QC stage. Consequently these lots are small and quite special.

Las Mingas, Colombia (microlot)

Coming from the same region as La Piramide and Asorganica, you would expect the coffee to have a heavy body, but it is more medium bodied. While nutty it still has some complex sweetness to it.

Region: Cauca, Colombia
Process: De-pulped at the farms, where the coffee is fermented for between 24 and 36 hours, depending on how the pulp is separated from the bean. then the coffee is pre-dried for 4-7 days in shade and the dried until moisture content reaches 11% on a parabolic drier.
Farmers: Selection from 17 farmers
Altitude grown: 2200-3000 meters above sea level (masl).
Packaging: Pedura boxes with vacuum packed.
Cultivar: Arabica: Caturra, Colombia
Taste Profile A complex coffee with sweet nuts and medium body.
Roast used Intense heat from the start with decreasing temp change after browning, into first crack, where it is dropped.

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4. Limited edition


nut, sweet


5 ★ Limited


Buitenverwachting, Vineyard Hotel


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